Unified Storage Arrays

StellarFlash® appliances deliver powerful and flexible storage systems offering enterprise class AI-driven data services. With built in storage optimization technologies, StellarFlash® offers businesses a high performance scalable storage infrastructure at unbeatable prices.

StellarFlash® appliances are available in all-flash-array (AFA) configuration that delivers unprecedented user experiences or as a hybrid combination of both SSDs and hard disks offering a blend of capacity and performance.

ProphetStor’s neural deep learning relies on two major technologies, Traffic Modeling  Module (TMM) and Elastic Resources Control (ERC), to leverage advanced big data analytics and machine learning technologies for the analysis of all I/O usage  patterns and preemptively adjust available storage resources to optimize the overall system performance according to the administrator defined policies. 

With the StellarFlash®, digital business services are given a new lease of life.

StellarFlash® in a glimpse!

Unified Storage Arrays

Smart Caching

Based on ProphetStor’s patented Smart Cache technology, StellarFlash® automatically utilizes predictive analysis of IO operations to dynamically design optimized cache policies based on workloads, making it more than 45% more efficient than hybrid storage solutions. Using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and fuzzy logic for automatically finding the storage resource configuration to meet service level agreements (SLA) .

Optimized Storage Utilization

While flash is expensive, StellarFlash® includes native deduplication and compression technologies that makes efficient use of space, reducing the storage footprint dramatically. Together with Smart Cache, savings of over 90% can be achieved, making the StellarFlash® array a truly unique value proposition.

Predictive Analytics

StellarFlash® is supported by a patented analytics service that addresses data loss prevention in a unique way. StellarFlash®’s predictive analytics service accesses operational data of hard disks and SSDs to accurately predict when disk failures will occur and generates actionable prescriptions to determine the best time for replacement without impacting service levels.

Data Protection

As businesses come to rely on StellarFlash® for its mission critical data, StellarFlash® offers unrivalled data protection technologies built in. With high availability, snapshots and replication, StellarFlash® protects your investment against hardware, software and site level failures.

Faster Development

StellarFlash® includes a web based interface for centralized management of the entire storage environment through a single pane that simplifies and speeds up the process of deployment in data centers. In addition, StellarFlash® include feature rich REST APIs for integration, allowing for rapid provisioning of flash resources for workloads.