Deep Dive: AIOps on OpenShift -® for Kubernetes Auto Scaling and Scheduling

SLA is essential for those mission-critical applications running on OpenShift.®, ProphetStor’s AIOps technologies, can empower OpenShift scaler/scheduler to ensure the operation of containers, and eliminate noisy neighbours by accurately predicting resource demand/ supply, performance and HW failure.

In this video you’ll see the following demo as below:
• HW failure prediction
• Available capacity prediction for Rook with Ceph
• Node and pod performance prediction for OpenShift
• Pod allocation planning for OpenShift

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What the Industry Says

Bereau of Geophysical Prospecting Inc., China National Petroleum Corporation

With the predictive capabilities of DiskProphet®, the lifespan of older hardware resources has been extended, saving over $5 million from the purchase of unnecessary hardware...

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Intel Corporation

ProphetStor DiskProphet® uses patented AI technology to make long-range predictions about upcoming disk failures with up to more than 95 percent accuracy, enabling organizations to preserve high-value services.

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SCSK Corporation

With ProphetStor StellarFlash HFA and Intel® Technology SCSK transitioned to a modern Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) based data center.

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Intelligent storage analytics for hyperscale infrastructures
  • AI-driven analytics to predict and optimize workloads

  • Built for modern cloud native architectures

  • Wide support for storage and private clouds

  • Accelerate DevOps initiatives with rich, open APIs

What We Do


As the increase in digital services contributes to the complexity of storage, ProphetStor simplifies the management of storage to allow businesses to both scale up and scale out to satisfy data growth needs without sacrificing performance.


ProphetStor liberates the silo-ed and rigid storage architectures through an abstraction layer that enables heterogenous storage to work in unison, breaking the barriers to allow seamless management, access and migration.


Through our patented analytics engine, ProphetStor dynamically monitors IO patterns and storage health to deliver consistent performance and failure prediction analysis across digital services to guarantee unprecedented user experiences.


Giving businesses the insight into its environment, ProphetStor automatically discovers and consolidates storage based on its capabilities while providing integration points to automatically provision the right storage for the right workload.

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