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Orange France Uses for Auto-scaling, Optimizing Resources and Application Performance on Its MultiCloud Infrastructure

MILPITAS, CA, July 09, 2020 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. today announced that Orange S.A. in France (abbrev. Orange) has deployed for managing resources, optimizing costs and application performance on its Kubernetes-based multicloud infrastructure.

Orange is a major telecom operator (largest in France, 4th largest in Europe) and operates mobile, landline, Internet and IPTV services. Orange continues to utilize state-of-the-art technologies in ensuring the most advanced and reliable service delivery to its more than 260 million customers worldwide. Similar to other leading technology enterprises around the world, Orange is currently developing many new applications on a cloud-native architecture and will deploy these new applications in a multicloud environment. As these new applications have highly dynamic workloads and specific service-level requirements, Orange has been searching for innovative solutions to help manage the cloud resources for supporting each of these applications at scale, and at the same time optimizing the cost and application performance., the leading solution in optimizing resources and application performance on Kubernetes, uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies to address the above needs of Orange in managing their cloud operations. With, Orange can now auto-scale the resources for each of their dynamic applications on Kubernetes clusters with the best performance, as well as performing effective capacity planning and resource optimization for all applications at scale. The use of ensures that there is no excessive over-provisioning nor under-provisioning of cloud resources for each application at Orange.

“ can be easily installed on our Kubernetes clusters at Orange. Using, we now have the predictability of our workloads and clear visibility of the resource requirements for each of our applications,” said Willem Berroubache, Cloud and Security Engineer at Orange. “With’s auto-scaling, we don’t have to guess nor manually configure the pod resources for each application. Also, when we deploy our applications in public clouds, can help us determine the best cloud instances with the lowest cost in supporting the workloads.”

“We are very excited about, a truly differentiating solution offered by ProphetStor,” said Frédéric Klein, Manager of Cloud Department at Orange. “Its value propositions are quite compelling for any enterprise wanting to enhance efficiency and lower costs of their cloud operations (private, public, or hybrid). We will continue to expand our partnership with ProphetStor, use it for all our Kubernetes clusters, and extend the solution to a multicloud environment.”

“We are delighted to work with Orange and help them enhance their cloud resource management for many applications at scale with,” said Sunny Siu, Co-founder and President of ProphetStor Data Services, Inc. “Our AI-based solution goes beyond providing actionable insights on Kubernetes for optimizing resources and application performances, and we look forward to expanding the use of our solution at Orange.”

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