Storage Services


DR Prophet™ provides both local data protection (business continuity) and remote replication (disaster recovery). At the production site, DR Prophet™ creates a thinly provisioned mirror volume (“SAN Mirror”) for each protected disk using a local storage server. An application-aware agent running on the application server ensures the consistency and integrity of the mirrored data. All subsequent backup or disaster recovery related activities such as snapshots and DR rehearsals are performed against the SAN Mirror to avoid any performance impact on the production system.

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Key Features

Automatic Protection

DR Prophet® intelligently configures data protection policies on Windows, VMware

Client Agents

To protect the underlying business services, DR Prophet® Client Agents monitors

VMware Protection an

On virtual infrastructures powered by VMware, the DR Prophet® vSphere Module con

Application Aware

Through the use of a lightweight application aware agent, DR Prophet® manages sy

Centralized Manageme

DR Prophet® is centrally managed through a user friendly web interface. Through