Services 4® for OpenShift

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Fully Automatic Deployment

Based on a microservice design, DiskProphet® can be automatically deployed in environments without any major effort. Runs as Docker containers

Improve Cost Efficiency of Cloud Operations

Determine the Best Cloud Instance and Configuration to Support Each Application

Maximize Application Performance

Auto-scale the Resources for Each Application with the Lowest Latency and Maximum Throughput

Optimize Cloud Resources

Autonomous Capacity Planning and Resource Optimization on Multicloud at Scale – AI Solution for Auto-Scaling on Kubernetes with Datadog

With Datadog, our enterprise customers are now able to monitor their application workloads and get visibility into Kubernetes...

Application-aware for Kafka on Kubernetes Enhances…

A Kafka Stream Application reads from a topic, Software-Defined Storage performs some calculations, transformations to finally write...

Democratizing Cloud Usage with Digital Intelligence for Multicloud

Cloud helps free the developers and data scientists from operating in the legacy IT infrastructure so they can...