Case Study

Sabah State Computer Services Department DR Solution


The State Government of Sabah relies on the State Computer Services Department (SCSD) to keep its major electronic government application systems (SM2, Eleave, E-Pay, state scholarship and examination systems) up and running for 24×7 operations. With Microsoft Windows as a key platform and about 150 servers operating in a mixed physical and virtual environment, ensuring continuous operations on these systems is vital to the success of the State Government. If the systems are down for even a few hours, Government operations could potentially shut down.

The Sabah State Computer Service Department has a staff of 240 supporting data applications across 6 major districts and 14 IT support groups at government agencies across the state. SCSD had previously relied on costly tape and backup software to manage the full backup and restore of data. In a past data recovery situation, it took several hours to enable system availability using data that was backed up through the traditional tape model. During recovery, it was mandatory for all systems to be offline.

ProphetStor DR Prophet provides a unified management framework to facilitate effortless disaster recovery data provisioning to ensure a continuous state public service delivery system. The user-friendly graphic interface changes the normally tedious and error prone deployment of DR solution into an easy task.

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Document: Case Study: Sabah State Computer Services Department

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