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White Paper on the OpenStack and Beyond Built

ProphetStor Releases White Paper on the OpenStack and Beyond Built on ProphetStor Federator® Software-Defined Storage

MALAYSIA, KUALA LUMPUR, August 26, 2016 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., the leader in software-defined storage (SDS), has released, “OpenStack and Beyond Built on ProphetStor Federator,” the latest white paper from their flash-optimized Federator SDS a single platform that is a genuine enabler for OpenStack based cloud environments. It not only adds enterprise-class security for your data, but also enables flexible scale-out fast performing storage to complement the cloud environment that can be built across multiple storage vendor offerings.

“As we address the need to modernize current SDS offerings with emerging technologies, it is crucial for corporate IT to understand the integration with OpenStack. ProphetStor Federator® being the layer that enables storage to match the demands and elasticity of datacenters built on a hybrid cloud model. In this white paper, ProphetStor discusses the integration with OpenStack and all other platforms which we refer to RESTful API,” says Simon Ng, Regional Director of ProphetStor, South Asia. “The guidance provided today better equips corporate IT in their evaluation of the tools and resources required to successfully orchestrate their storage infrastructure.”

When it comes to OpenStack cloud based storage, it is all about automation, without this RESTful API, the required automation cannot exist. ProphetStor Federator® recognizes the built-in functionalities of individual storage resources, and uses them to define storage on demand, matching the requirements from the application. Federator is a fill to an important gap in the OpenStack landscape, essentially bolstering the storage layer to make OpenStack a more credible choice for business application being run by corporate IT.


      To download the “OpenStack and Beyond Built on ProphetStor Federator” white paper, please click here.
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