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Federator® 4.0

ProphetStor Delivers Federator® 4.0 with Flash Optimized Storage and Analytics Services enabling High Performance, Intelligent Scale-Up and Scale-Out Storage Capabilities

MILPITAS, CA, September 30, 2016 — ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., the leader in software-defined storage solutions, announced today the availability of Federator® 4.0. Along with providing a software-defined storage and data services platform, version 4.0 offers flash-optimized scale-up and scale-out storage capabilities, along with data services comprising analytics, data protection, data recovery, provisioning and optimization capabilities leveraging the Federator® software-defined platform technology.

Federator® offers integrated multi-use storage and data services under a unified modern, next generation platform that simplifies and automates storage discovery, abstraction, and delivery of storage and data services leveraging existing storage and application investments, with an ability to take advantage of the next wave of storage investments involving all-flash and big data environments.

“Software-defined storage solutions offered by many vendors are often spot-solutions unique to that vendor. ProphetStor is continually raising the bar with Federator® to drive the next level of software-defined storage innovation from what is generally available today,” said Eric Chen, ProphetStor CEO. “Our next generation adapter model goes beyond the patented storage adapter to create software-defined services for not only storage, but for data, analytics, applications and other service application environments.”

Federator® software-defined storage focuses on the federation, automation, optimization, agility, and analytics for the entire storage environment and its important relationship to data and applications. It was designed to break the barriers between dissimilar storage systems with a horizontal abstraction layer such that advanced data services can be created against a single unified API.

The predictive analytics module provides visibility and insight of the entire storage system for smart, dynamic adjustments to the read/write cache size, making data services and optimization improvements for intelligent storage applications. The transparency of resource availability and the demands from the application enable a “just-in-time” allocation of elastic resources for the best utilization. As a result, Federator-powered storage systems are often more cost effective, with maintenance support greatly simplified.

Federator® provides unified storage services to provide highly available scale-up, scale-out storage capabilities leveraging storage commodity hardware and provides scale-any storage orchestration for existing storage vendor investments. Federator® storage services are managed by fully programmable and extensible Hypermedia RESTful APIs. Additional storage capabilities included in the Federator® 4.0 release:

  • For scale-up storage configurations, dual active-active high availability is supported that enables both nodes to simultaneously be the primary and secondary node for failover; with support for enclosure management of AIC HA201 and SMC X10 SBB reference design storage servers; and 16GB FC dual and quad port targets are supported.


  • For scale-out storage configurations, automatic discovery and abstraction of Federator® storage nodes and physical disk media resources for provision into scale-out elastic storage clusters and pools; ability to manage the entire scale-out cluster lifecycle management for storage scale-out nodes, clusters, pools, volumes, images, etc.; ability to provision resilient, highly available hyper-scale storage capacities from commodity storage servers that are protected from server node and disk media failures through a scale-out clustered storage architecture.


  • For scale-any storage configurations, allows the discovery and registration of many storage vendor systems supported by Federator’s patented storage adapter; ability to provide service-level abstraction and storage orchestration services for all storage systems via control-path storage integration and management, including direct data path storage management control for Federator® scale-up and scale-out storage environments.

The Federator® platform provides the next generation of scalable storage and data services management that enables better control, increased competitive advantage, enhanced storage performance and scalability, and reduces the TCO significantly for storage in the cloud era. These combined functionalities are essential to addressing the software-defined data center scale and performance requirements along with the evolution of storage systems toward being all-flash based.

About ProphetStor Data Services, Inc.

ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., a leader in Software-Defined Storage (SDS), provides federated storage and data services to enable both enterprises and cloud service providers to build an agile, automated, intelligent, and orchestrated storage infrastructure.

ProphetStor was founded in 2012 by seasoned storage experts with extensive experience in cloud computing platforms, software-based networked storage, data services, business continuity and disaster recovery.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, ProphetStor has branch offices in Asia-Pacific regions to serve international customers. For more information, visit

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