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OpenStack and Beyond Built on ProphetStor Federator


The Promise of Cloud as a business enabler is well documented, the technologies and approaches to cloud are now also starting to take shape. Hybrid is a must, onpremises will shrink but is unlikely to disappear. Private cloud either on-premises or hosted will be a key feature of the datacenter and various levels of public cloud and dedicated cloud providers that will all feature in an aggregated datacenter.

The benefits in terms of cost, scalability, elasticity and flexibility are numerous, but underpinning your applications, cloud infrastructure and SaaS offerings are the data themselves, and having a storage platform that meets a cloud scale infrastructure is sometimes overlooked.

An important cloud stack that is starting to be increasingly rolled out into the corporate and service provider space is OpenStack. OpenStack is already being used to build public clouds, hosted private clouds and on-premises private clouds across the region.

As an open source cloud platform OpenStack there are many reasons why companies are trusting their business applications into this architecture. It’s widely supported with companies like IBM, HPE, RedHat, Suse, Dell, Rackspace and Cisco to name a few all supporting OpenStack Clouds. It’s the only cloud platform that actually allows mixed server hypervisors to co-exist.

Most importantly, OpenStack offers the choice of the vendors avoiding hardware technology lock-in and by association cost effectiveness by enabling enterprise grade capability built on commodity components.

OpenStack has not been as quickly adopted into corporates as clouds built on platforms like VMware. This has been due to issues such as security and very importantly being able to serve enterprise class storage in a way commensurate with a cloud based platform.

Federator from ProphetStor is a genuine enabler for OpenStack based cloud environments. It not only adds enterprise-class security for your data, but also enables flexible scale-out fast performing storage to complement the cloud environment that can be built across multiple storage vendor offerings.

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Document: White Paper: OpenStack and Beyond Built on ProphetStor Federator

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