Case Study

Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd


Guaotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd., founded after the merger of Guaotai Securities Co. Ltd. and Junan Securities Co. Ltd. in 1999, is one of the largest comprehensive securities companies in China. Its operating performance ranks in the top 3 China Securities with the most extensive business coverage, the most widely distributed agencies, and the most customers served. Guaotai Junan is listed in China Mainland A-share in 2015. It has financing amount up to approx US$4.56 billion and market cap over US$4.26 billion.

Guaotai Junan had been running all their applications on physical computers and servers, with storage servers from EMC and Huawei on the back end.

With a constant evolution of China’s securities market and financial innovations, Guaotai Junan increased the development and creation of financial applications, with rapid product lifecycles. IT resources were needed for a series of thorough tests and simulations for application reliability of before going live. The development team needed more IT resources to process the development and validation of financial commodities.

Guaotai Junan’s development team realized that the existing platform of older servers and storage systems was not going to meet the needs of the demanding financial application lifecycle. The development team wanted to transform and optimized their IT infrastructure and looked to virtualization to migrate their physical servers to virtual machines.

Guotai Junan needed their IT environment to dynamically allocate storage resources to improve productivity and performance levels across the enterprise. The need to quickly and easily maximize its resources without major investment in new hardware or expansion of its existing data centers was a big consideration. The new platform needed to take into consideration existing physical devices and VMware virtual systems, while providing scalable clustered storage systems with no single point of failure. The platform needed to meet both current and future needs.

Guaotai Junan determined that a combination of OpenStack with an advanced software-defined storage (SDS) system would upgrade and expand its IT resources to produce performance to meet the demands of the business.

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Document: Case Study: Guotai Junan Securities Co. Ltd

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