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Federator® Software-Defined Storage


Network-based block storage virtualization technology promises to abstract heterogeneous storage arrays into common pools that can be dynamically allocated on a per-VM or even per-application basis, in theory. In reality, though, IT managers still struggle to sync up their legacy storage devices with the latest and greatest storage appliances the company just procured yesterday, even for tasks as rudimentary as data migration or data replication. ProphetStor Federator® SDS (“Federator”), the flagship product introduced by ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., was designed to answer this call to abstract both enterprise storage arrays and scale-out storage servers built with standard x86 hardware into virtual pools. It allows user self-provisioning based on SLA requirements, features or capabilities such as IOPS available from the underlying arrays. Storage pools from individual arrays, be they enterprise or x86-based, are automatically discovered and imported into a common pool to be categorized and offered in tiers such that end users can, in real time, self-provision storage solutions to meet the storage requirements of their task at hand.

Federator is an out-of-band storage management system that can be accessed through a comprehensive HTTP REST API. Users can provision storages manually through a standard web browser, but what makes Federator so powerful is the ability to allow applications to automatically request storages on demand. When used with the included storage hypervisor ProphetStor Flexvisor®(“Flexvisor”), Federator can even analyze the historical traffic pattern, using fuzzy neural network technology, to predict and pre-allocate storage resources dynamically for individual applications to match the traffic model and, as a result, maximize the efficiency of the entire storage network.

As a third-party software solution provider, ProphetStor focuses on bridging the gap between legacy enterprise storage arrays and the ever-so-popular Intel® x86 powered, storage hypervisor enabled, commodity hardware that invaded datacenters around the world in large quantities to meet the needs demanded by the “new data” almost every enterprise or service provider in the industry is facing today.

We want to commoditize storage. This is a simple yet extremely ambitions goal but we think it can be done. Our vision is that when any user or application needs storage, it would simply ask Federator for it and get exactly what it prescribed in real time, without any knowledge of the underlying storage infrastructure.

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Document: White Paper: Federator® Software-Defined Storage Overview

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