The Next-Generation Scalable Storage

Federator® is an integrated software-defined platform that enables multi-use storage and data services that simplify and automate storage discovery, abstraction, delivery of services leveraging existing storage systems (scale-any), which includes built-in enterprise-class flash-optimized scale-up, and scale-out storage capabilities, as well as, a rich portfolio of services, such as, analytics (TMM / ERC, Storage Visibility and Insight), provisioning (Capacity / IOPS Provisioning), data services (data protection / recovery ) and optimization (deduplication, caching).

Federator® storage federation technology enables multiple pools of physical block storage, abstracted as virtual storage pools, to work together in a coordinated manner for data storage, access, migration, and management. Federator® recognizes the built-in functionalities of individual storage resources, and uses them to define storage on demand, matching the requirements of storage requests.

With an abstraction layer that breaks down the barriers between isolated storage systems, Federator® is able to offer a single unified API for data services across all storage systems.

Federator® in a glimpse!

Key Features

Centralized Storage Management and Orchestration

From proprietary arrays to commodity hardware, storage is automatically discovered and managed by Federator® to provide a single unified view of the storage infrastructure. Discovered storage is profiled and pooled based on its characteristics, enabling business services to be allocated the right resources to match its workload.

Data Liberation and Mobility

In sprawling siloes of storage, data is restricted and isolated once it is created but with Federator®, these barriers are torn down. Data can move seamlessly and to an appropriate storage target with a suitable profile, increasing the longevity of investment in the storage infrastructure.

Traffic Modelling and Elastic Resource Control

Through patent pending technologies, Federator® automatically predicts short and long term requirements to dynamically allocate resources on demand. With this, over allocation of resources is in the past. Instead, resources become elastic, stretching and contracting as the workload deems necessary.

Data Protection

Federator® offers unrivalled data protection technologies built in natively. Through an abstraction layer, Federator® provides unified data services across all storage protecting your investment against hardware, software and site level failures.

Storage Optimization

With native deduplication and compression capabilities, Federator® reduces storage consumption by storing only unique blocks in an optimal manner. Together with thin provisioning, Federator® reduces storage footprints and cost of ownership substantially.


With its REST APIs, Federator ® allows for seamless two-way integration. Through this, not only can Federator® be used with any cloud management platforms, it also allows businesses to be agile and deliver services rapidly based on relevant needs such as performance and cost.