Is it possible to develop adapters for different storage systems?

ProphetStor publishes the open Federator Storage API that developers can use to create adapters allowing third-party storage systems to plug into Federator.

Federator® Scale-Out with Ceph

Federator® Scale-out storage allows horizontal scaling of storage capacity and storage processing by adding more storage nodes with their individual CPU processors and storage into a cluster.

Ceph, a clustered platform that simultaneously offers object, file, and block services, is rapidly becoming the de facto scale-out storage solution in the open source community. However, today’s high-density storage servers typically house a large number of disks in a single node, deploying and managing these individual disks as Ceph Object Storage Devices (OSD’s) becomes a challenge. In addition, the physical limitations of the disks (size and performance) become constraints when configuring Ceph patameters such as Placement Groups (PG’s).

At the cost a very small amount of overhead, Federator® can deploy a Ceph cluster using the storage hypervisor to create software-defined OSD’s for Ceph. Not only can this architecture greatly simplify disk management for large-scale deployments, it allows Ceph to access OSD’s with advanced enterprise features such as compression and deduplication without capacity or performance limitations typically associated with physical disk drives. Individual disk failures are no longer visible to the Ceph cluster and the recovery process is strictly limited to the involved storage node instead of triggering high volumes of data copy activities between the OSD’s across the network.

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'The hardware infrastructure is only as powerful as the software it runs, and vice versa. As a hardware company, we strive to identify first-class software vendors and collaborate with them to create tried-and-true total solutions for our customers. We are extremely pleased to have this opportunity to work with ProphetStor Data Services to broaden our reach in the marketplace of software-defined data center and together bring cloud computing to a whole new level.' - Etay Lee, General Manager, Network & Communication Business Unit, GIGABYTE

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Key Features

Automated Ceph cluster deployment through Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)
Orchestrated Ceph nodes with pool offering and enterprise-grade features such as thin provisioning, compression and deduplication
Highly configurable and manageable OSD's created by Federator storage hypervisor
Ceph storage IOPS and capacity provisioning
Trending reports with an analytic engine
Low latency and optimized performance for iSER-enabled clients
iSCSI/FC/RBD support
Optimized Ceph journal performance
Rich and well-documented REST API's