How do you manage multiple storage systems?

Federator® is an integrated software-defined platform that enables multi-use storage and data services that simplify and automate storage discovery, abstraction, delivery of services leveraging existing storage systems (scale-any).

Flexible Scaleable Storage

Federator® Scale-Any storage allows businesses to scale its digital business services across any type of storage system. With an abstraction layer that breaks down the barriers between isolated storage systems, Federator® Scale-Any mobilizes data and provisions it in any storage that matches its required profile.

Giving businesses the flexibility to maximize the use of new or existing proprietary storage while taking advantage of commodity storage, Federator® Scale-Any scales digital services in any direction, across any storage.


Federator® operates on a separate control path to communicate with the storage systems while applications access the allocated storage over the iSCSI or Fibre Channel data path. This architecture ensures minimum disruption to data operations caused by control plane events.

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Key Features

Data Liberation and Mobility

Federator® Scale-Any tears down the barriers of data isolated across storage systems. Data can be moved seamlessly and transparently to storage that meets its requirements, increasing the longevity of investment in the storage infrastructure.

Centralized Storage Management and Orchestration

From proprietary arrays to commodity hardware, storage is automatically discovered and managed by Federator® Scale-Any. Supporting many of the industry’s leading storage brands including NetApp, EMC, HP and many others, Federator SDS gives businesses a transparent view of the entire storage infrastructure.

Capability and Performance Profiling

Discovered storage is profiled and allocated into virtual pools based on its characteristics, enabling the right resources to be delivered to the matching workload. In addition, costs can be associated to each virtual pool, ensuring businesses utilize the most costly resources for the most critical digital services.

OpenStack Integration and REST APIs

Federator® Scale-Any includes native integration with OpenStack, allowing for self-service request for storage. Together with the REST APIs provided by Federator Scale-Any, the entire storage infrastructure can be integrated with not only OpenStack but with virtually any cloud management platform.

Key Benefits

Elastic resource control
Traffic modeling for storage budget and maintenance planning
Open HTTP REST storage API enables development of innovative data service applications by third parties
Dynamic resource monitoring and metering of delivered storage to meet application or business requirements
OpenStack Cinder integration
Block and file storage support through iSCSI, FC, NFS protocols
Storage pool classification by capabilities, IOPS or user defined attributes
Non-disruptive deployment without changing the existing storage configurations