What is AIOps?

With IT environments increasing in complexity and scale, traditional tools only limited visibility. Whether for identifying root cause of issues, capacity planning or improving product quality, this silo-ed view of data is ineffective. Time and resources are wasted consolidating and correlating information across these silos in an attempt to gather any meaningful insight into this data.

Today, IT operation teams can leverage the advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI can automatically analyse data from sources, correlating them to identify patterns. This gives businesses new insights that help with the decision making process. What used to take days and weeks can now be accomplished all in a small fraction of the time.

By merging IT operations with the power of AI, businesses can now embrace AIOps.

How It Works?

The Federator.ai® platform from ProphetStor provides businesses with the foundation to transform their traditional IT operations into modern AIOps and maximizes the Return-on-Investments (ROI) for existing investments on technologies.

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Aggregating data from both ProphetStor solutions and 3rd party technologies such as AppDynamics, VMware and Nutanix, Federator.ai® uses advance machine learning algorithms to automatically correlate and visualize these data sources. And with this federated view, businesses are given new insights in advance, gaining a competitive advantage.

Federator.ai® offers businesses:
  • State of the art machine learning algorithms that learns from baseline performance of across all layers including applications and the infrastructure, automatically learning and alerting whenever any deviations are detected.
  • Predictive capabilities across all layers to identify probable causes of issues as well as impending ones, preventing interruptions to services in advance.
  • Foresight into the future by identifying resources that are close to exhaustion to allow for capacity planning, ensuring the customer experience is never compromised.

Why Federator.ai®?

Non-intrusive data collection

- Provides REST API for users to feed data for prediction and analytics - Transparent data collection modules allow users audit and self-configuration


- Cross-layer correlation and impact prediction (applications, virtualizations, infrastructures and facilities) - Failure and fatiguesp prediction of infrastructure devices for optimized resource utilization and planning - Applies state-of-the-art and US-patented machine learning technology to predict failure and degradation of disks, including HDDs and SSDs across SATA and SAS. Predicts disk and host behavior, including performance and usage, which is critical to streamlining the operation of storage and servers

Impact Analysis and Correlation

- The impact of a potential risk is visualized by correlating the affected components. - Correlation from hardware layer to virtualization layers in infrastructure and applications.

Full Stack Visibility

- Easy-to-use dashboard provides total visibility of disk performance and health status.


Federator.ai® is built for enterprises and has integrations built for widely used technologies across different domains. These include:
  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM) from AppDynamics, NewRelic and Dynatrace
  • Public Clouds from Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure
  • Server and Application Virtualization from VMware and Kubernetes
  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure from VMware and Nutanix

With these integrations available out-of-the-box, businesses can quickly leverage AI in their environments and gain immediate returns on its investments.