Disk  lifespan and load predictions resolve  challenges of sporadic failures in large data center operations

Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment

Hardware and cloud services of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS with SDS.

Customer / Partner Types
Server manufacturers and distributors.

Company and Solution Background
As a leading cloud and big data service provider in Asia, the company offers comprehensive solutions in IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, with high-end servers, mass storage, cloud operating system and information security technology. Aiming to become an advanced IT product manufacturer and a leading IT solution supplier, the company satisfies requirements of public sectors and enterprises with continuous innovations using new technologies in cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

Solution Architecture

Requirements and Challenges

As the business expands, the scale and complexity of storage systems increase as more and more mass storage systems go online. Disk failures are accountable of more than 80% of the total incidents in the data centers. The high failure rate challenges the reliability of customer data and the capability of the company delivering enterprise level services.


Federator.ai® predicts disk lifespan and performance degradation with Artificial Intelligence technologies and releases early warnings before failures occur. Integrating Federator.ai® into the mass storage management system and non-disruptive agents into storage nodes, the data center operators can address potential failures proactively and prevent the risk of system performance impact and data loss.  

Solution Benefits

Minimize risks of hardware failures and guarantee SLA
Increase infrastructure resource utilization and reduce CAPEX and OPEX
Turn random incidents to scheduled maintenance with batch operations
Achieve intelligent and efficient operations with predictive analytics