Eliminate the risk of data unavailability and access degradation

Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment

Server monitoring: Windows, Linux.

Customer / Partner Types
Electronics manufacture.

Company and Solution Background
The company is a leader in electronics manufacture, with innovation and social value in its root. The company focuses on designing advanced electronics for commodity hardware, in addition, assembling and selling servers and storage to SMB and enterprises.

Solution Architecture

Requirements and Challenges

To provide a higher standard of service, the company has been looking for intelligent solutions to monitor servers. The existing shared software based solution relying only on SMART information provides limited analytics on the systems and can just be reactive to failures. With the rise of AI technologies, the company management cast the new direction of next innovation to improve the services of server management by applying the new technology.


By applying machine learning on disks vital data and system metrics data, Federator.ai® monitors disks and system health to produce accurate prediction on disk failures and degradation. Also Federator.ai® generates performance prediction based on historical load metrics data from both systems and disks. With the integration of Federator.ai® and their monitoring software, the company now has more in-depth visibility to the environment and the foresight capability of seeing through future events of the systems being managed.  

Solution Benefits

Go to market with differentiation as “AI services”
Upsell by additional support services
Shorten resources and time to developing monitoring software