Reduce costs of human resources by integrating machine learning and analytics

Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment

Complex heterogeneous environment, consisting of classic physical solutions, and virtual solutions such as VMware.

Customer / Partner Types
Service provider for legacy array and servers; Integrator of major IT solution (DELL, IBM, HP, etc).

Company and Solution Background
As a global leader in operation digitization, the company expedites customers’ adoption of digital revolutions. The company designs and implements innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients’ IT services to stay agile and competitive. The services include on site and off site software and hardware monitoring and management.

Solution Architecture

Requirements and Challenges

The company offers competitive IT services in the industry to their clients, including dispatching technicians with replacement parts on site at any time with four hours response time. It has been challenging to guarantee the SLA and keep the operation cost down. Out of all reasons for on site services, disk failures are on top of the list. In addition, it is difficult to keep the proper inventory of spare part kits. The company is looking for a predictive solution that minimizes the off hours human workload and inventory to reduce the cost and improve the quality of services.

Solution® provides predictive analytics from hardware failures, load predictions and anomaly predictions. By integrating® into the company software, the service platform now can turn random incidents to scheduled maintenance during regular hours proactively resolving potential risks for clients.  

Solution Benefits

Minimize unplanned intervention to reduce the cost of off hours operations
Improve customer satisfaction with better SLA compliance
Improve hardware replacement inventory projection and replenishment