Gain valuable predictive analytics into your Applications, Virtual Machines, and Hardware Infrastructure.

Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment

HCI cluster of VMware vSAN or Nutanix solution with multiple nodes on commodity hardware.

Customer / Partner Types
From small to large enterprise deployment or cloud infrastructure with HCI. A typical HCI deployment is expected to grow to over twelve nodes and 3000 VMs per deployment by 2022.

Company and Solution Background
Most common HCI deployments have the following use cases: Business Critical Apps (SAP, SQL, Oracle, etc.), Management of Infrastructure, BC/DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery), and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure). Global enterprises expect HCI to provide reliable data services with the performance by SLAs.

Solution Architecture

Requirements and Challenges

Running critical business applications in an HCI environment requires high performance and reliability SLA while controlling the cost. Failure of just one disk can result in SLA compliance failure, while two or more disk failures can lead to data loss. With increasing complexity and lack of full stack visibility, troubleshooting performance of application VMs can take a long time, and managing ever-growing environments is difficult.

Solution® solution can easily integrate into existing HCI environment. With machine learning,® monitors and analyzes hardware activity, and provides actionable insights, predictive analytics, and full stack visibility, enabling IT professionals to manage hardware component failures and optimize resource utilization. Right out of the box, the pre-trained AI models for each data type are ready to provide accurate predictive analytics from collected metrics data of each hardware or software component in the HCI environment.   

Solution Benefits

Lower HCI cost by reducing redundancy requirements due to disk failure prediction engine

Eliminate performance SLA compliance violations by having suggest low IO periods to replace failing disks

Eliminate true disasters from happening by having predictive disk failure analytics, coupled with the dashboard or email alerts

Optimize HCI resource utilization with past statistics and future predictions.

Reduce troubleshooting MTTR using a single pane of glass visibility with impact analysis and objects correlation