Decrease MTTR for application performance issues with full stack visibility

Use Case Descriptions

Integration Environment

Database and web applications running on VMware vSphere with EMC storage. APM solutions: AppDynamics and Splunk.

Customer / Partner Types
Financial sector, one of the largest bank in the world.

Company and Solution Background
The company serves millions of customers globally in both banking and wealth management. There are major data centers in both Asia and Europe to meet the demands of customers from both established and emerging markets.

Solution Architecture

Requirements and Challenges

One of the key value of the company is the international network of businesses crossing different economic zones. The international business nature requires keeping applications performance for smooth transactions around the clock. APM solutions provide good value on discovering performance issues but also with limitations: “APM Software gives only symptoms, not solutions, to the issues found”.


In additional to correlating the different layers in data centers,® also provide both insight and foresight analytics with machine learning.® integrates with APM software through APM agents and virtualization layers as well as storage systems.  

Solution Benefits

Full stack visibility of the IT infrastructure
Correlate events from APM software with underlying components
Impact analysis of incidents
Time machine with predictive capabilities