Federator SDS

Why does ProphetStor support the OpenStack platform?

OpenStack is a widely supported, open-source platform for public and private clouds. ProphetStor Federator SDS currently supports OpenStack, but has plans to support other leading platforms in the future such as CloudStack and VMware, among others.

What advantages does ProphetStor bring to OpenStack?

ProphetStor Federator SDS provides a convenient way to plug storage into OpenStack without requiring vendor-specific storage drivers, thereby expanding the storage choices for IT decision makers. ProphetStor also provides Storage Hypervisor that offers advanced storage functionalities on standardized commodity hardware.

How does ProphetStor Federator SDS compare with products such as ViPR from EMC?

ProphetStor Federator SDS provides functions similar to comparable products such as separation of control and data planes, storage resource abstraction with virtual pools, and service catalogs for user self-provisioning. In addition, ProphetStor Federator SDS storage provisioning intelligently schedules storage based on storage capabilities, performance, and utilization. Federator is built on industry standards, with open APIs; Federator Storage API allows the development of third-party storage drivers for easy storage docking onto the Federator platform. Federator is fully integrated with OpenStack enabling software-defined storage the cloud platform.

How does ProphetStor Federator SDS discover storage?

ProphetStor Federator SDS discovers storage using vendor-specific techniques.

Which enterprise storage systems does ProphetStor Federator SDS support?

ProphetStor Federator SDS currently supports ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor, and iSCSI block storage from NetApp, Dell Equalogic, Nexenta, Ceph, and Falconstor.

What are the principal capabilities of ProphetStor Federator SDS?

ProphetStor Federator SDS provides: • Discovery of storage resources that can be abstracted into virtual storage pools • Classification of pools by performance, capabilities, and cost • Self-service automated-provisioning through storage service offerings

Does ProphetStor intend to offer physical storage hardware?

No. Our priority is to provide a software-defined storage platform that storage vendors can easily integrate into OpenStack (and other) environments.

Is it possible to develop adapters for different storage systems?

ProphetStor publishes the open Federator Storage API that developers can use to create adapters allowing third-party storage systems to plug into Federator. ProphetStor also provides customized development on-demand.

What is ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor?

ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor converts commodity hardware into a storage server with enterprise-class storage features such as storage virtualization, disk pooling, snapshots, and rollback.

Does ProphetStor Federator SDS support storage high availability (HA)?

ProphetStor Federator SDS separates the data and control planes. Data plane HA is provided by individual storage systems. ProphetStor Federator SDS will support control plane HA in a future product release.

How does ProphetStor Federator SDS support block, file, and object storage at the same time?

ProphetStor Federator SDS discovers the supported protocols and underlying storage of individual storage systems. Storage resources are then abstracted into virtual storage pools, classified according to block, file, and object types, and then automatically provisioned through storage service offerings. Federator supports object storage through OpenStack Swift and the Ceph RADOS Gateway using S3 and Swift APIs.

How does ProphetStor Federator SDS scale out?

ProphetStor Federator SDS supports scale-out by design, as data paths connect application servers directly to storage systems without going through Federator. ProphetStor Federator SDS HA, which will be available in a future release, further provides control path scaling and availability.

Does ProphetStor Federator SDS offer storage composition?

ProphetStor Federator SDS does not support storage composition at this time.

How does ProphetStor Federator SDS accommodate applications with special requirements?

Using ProphetStor Federator SDS, administrators can create service catalogs based on storage service offerings that address special storage IOPS requirements and storage pools.

Does ProphetStor Federator SDS support localization?

Yes. Please contact our sales office for more information.

Does ProphetStor Federator SDS support Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)?

ProphetStor plans to offer support for BC/DR in the near future.

Does Cinder offer the same capabilities and features as ProphetStor Federator SDS?

Cinder is a platform for connecting storage to OpenStack, whereby storage is provisioned manually. ProphetStor Federator SDS enhances Cinder by providing the intelligence to schedule provisioning automatically based on storage capabilities, performance, and utilization.

Do you have plans to open source ProphetStor Federator SDS?

ProphetStor plans to open source functional modules of the product.

What is your pricing and licensing model?

ProphetStor Federator SDS pricing and licensing is set by capacity. Please contact our sales office for more information.

Where can I download the trial software?

Please contact our sales office, or visit https://www.federator.ai for more information about the product.