DR Prophet®

What is the ProphetStor BC/DR solution product – DR Prophet®?

ProphetStor DR Prophet® is a data protection and disaster recovery solution. It reinvents the way to protect and recover data in a complex, highly available IBM AIX and Windows environments. The DR Prophet® end-to-end solution is more optimized than the traditional tape backup models. It combines both local and remote data protection, and is intuitively integrated into a cost-effective, unified, disk-based data protection and disaster recovery solution. It utilizes a state-of-the-art point-in-time snapshot technology. DR Prophet® enables data administrators to recover data to the most recent and relevant data copy at either the local or the remote site in the event of data unavailability or disaster. The intuitive and automated DR Prophet® technology simplifies complex disaster recovery processes and strengthens the delivery of a confident business continuity strategy.

Why do I need ProphetStor DR Prophet®?

DR Prophet® provides optimal recovery time objectives (RTO) and recover point objectives (RPO) to meet today’s challenging IT requirements. It protects both single, IBM AIX clustered servers with HACMP and single Windows hosts. In addition, DR Prophet® protects mission critical applications in IBM AIX and windows environments with its snapshot technology and application aware client agents. Therefore, mission critical applications’ backup can be completed instantaneously and the backup frequency can be more granular level to achieve optimal RPO. Transactional consistency of the applications is preserved and system recovery time is reduced to meet the demanding RTO requirements. DR Prophet® provides the ability to performance backup validation and conduct DR rehearsal. The backup validation and DR rehearsals can be performed without interrupting the present data protection and disaster recovery operations. The assimilation of DR Prophet’s technology and the organization’s BC/DR framework makes the BC/DR plan and strategy most effective and valuable. A tested and confident BC/DR strategy helps the organization and the business recover their data quicker and resume their critical business functions better. This translates to higher customer satisfaction and reduces the impact of revenue loss and brand confidence.

What are the key features of ProphetStor DR Prophet®, and how will they better protect my data and optimize DR?

Automatic Data Protection

DR Prophet® intuitively simplifies the complicated processes of protecting data on mission critical IBM AIX, Windows application servers. The protection service levels are set up based on pre-defined policies and system performance requirements. It significantly reduces human mis-configurations and errors and ensures that mission critical data is properly protected, both locally and remotely.

Mirrored Disks for Fault Tolerance and Local Protection

DR Prophet® preserves the data on the primary, mission critical system(s) to the DR Prophet® storage server. The important data is protected against system failure, data unavailability and data corruption. Existing server-based or network-based local backup are offloaded to the DR Prophet® storage server.

Snapshots for Data Protection and Recovery

Each protected LUN supports a maximum of 1,024 snapshots. DR Prophet® state-of-the-art snapshot technology creates point-in-time delta images of the protected data. The snapshots are backed up periodically at a pre-determined schedule according to the organization’s data protection policies. The snapshots can be mounted independently via a spare application server for data validation, application testing, report generation, DR rehearsal, and rapid data recovery.

IP Based WAN-optimized Replication to Reduce Bandwidth and Cost

Data replications are scheduled to transfer the local protected copy of data to the remote DR Prophet® server at the secondary site. The WAN-optimized thin replication technology sends only changed data for lower round-trip-time and faster data delivery. The DR Prophet® replication technology has data compression reduce the network bandwidth consumption.

Non-disruptive DR Rehearsal

DR rehearsal can be conducted based on the BC/DR policies. Within the BC/DR framework, data is validated by verifying the health and accessibility of the snapshots. There is no impact on the production system during the DR rehearsal. The time to perform the DR rehearsal is reduced dramatically through DR Prophet’s automated validation and rehearsal processes. The rehearsal can be conducted at any time.

Comprehensive Dashboard and Reports

DR Prophet® web based console from the DR Prophet® Master Management Server is the administration, monitoring and management interface for data administrators. The management and information interface includes data protection and disaster recovery relationship diagrams, performance statistics, replication status, backup jobs dashboard and statistics, and system events. The user friendly graphical interface displays real time and historical information for problem analysis, performance tuning, and system maintenance. Detail reports can also be generated for examination and filing.

Centralized Management

DR Prophet® web console oversees and manages multiple application servers, storage servers, and management servers. The user friendly GUI reduces administration complexity and the time required to manage the entire DR Prophet’s data protection and disaster recovery framework. The management of DR Prophet® is accessible anywhere on the network using any supported web browsers.

What are the components of the ProphetStor BC/DR solution?

DR Prophet® Management Server

It is a centralized management system with a service daemon running on each storage hypervisor server. One Master management service will handle all configured storage hypervisor servers and they must be on the same subnet network. Data administrators perform most DR Prophet® administration and management tasks via the web GUI console.

Storage Server

DR Prophet® storage server can be part of the ProphetStor storage server on a standalone system or integrated as a virtual server in the FalconStor IPStor server. The Storage Hypervisor server, ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor and FalconStor IPStor Server, are Linux-based servers with storage provider running DR Prophet® Server software, which also includes the management package. DR Prophet® presents volume disks to application servers to protect mission critical data. It also provides snapshots capabilities, replication to local and remote volume facilities, and self-protection services.

Centralized Management Web GUI Console

The DR Prophet® Web Console is the centralized management tool for the data protection and disaster recovery network. It allows users to manage the snapshots and replication settings. It monitors the storage and performance resources, services on multiple storage and application servers. The supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser.

DR Prophet® Client agent

DR Prophet® Client Agent links the data protection process on the IBM AIX application server and coordinates with the application into online backup mode and consequently validates the snapshot notification from DR Prophet® management server. This coordinated, application-aware mechanism is to preserve data consistency and integrity and ensures the data is highly recoverable. It also collects application performance statistics data and monitors the health of the application server.

What is the position of ProphetStor in the marketplace?

ProphetStor is a highly scalable data protection solution designed to meet the needs of organization of all sizes, including small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), remote and branch offices, midmarket organizations, and enterprises.

Which Storage Hypervisor is supported for DR Prophet®?

Storage Hypervisor appliances, ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor and FalconStor IPStor Server, include built-in storage and the widest range of disk arrays, including enterprise arrays, (IBM, EMC, Dell, HDS…etc) and commodity hardware.

Which connectivity protocols are supported by Storage Hypervisor to application clients?

DR Prophet® supports both FC and iSCSI to deliver unparalleled performance across an organization.

How many Storage Hypervisor servers can I manage from DR Prophet® Management Server?

DR Prophet® Management Server can manage many storage hypervisor servers simultaneously and scales in a practical manner. The product’s centralized console can manage multiple Storage Hypervisor servers and allows administrators to perform advanced management tasks, including: • Create virtual volumes to act as data protection mirrors • Set snapshot schedules and policies • Set up replication and replication policies • Assign volumes to specific clients • Account management

What kind of reports I can get with DR Prophet® Management Server?

DR Prophet® Management Report displays the overall status and statistics information of the entire systems environment in real time and keeps the entire week’s log and reports available online. It also includes the overall status (Good, Warning or Error) of the entire systems and the status of the modules, detailed events, and I/O statistics of the application servers and storage servers.

How many snapshots does ProphetStor DR Prophet® provide?

ProphetStor DR Prophet® at present, supports up to 1,024 snapshots per LUN with third-party storage hypervisor server. ProphetStor DR Prophet® has the ability to take application-aware snapshots from a large library of mission-critical business applications. However, for practical reasons, 1,024 snapshots require additional capacity and performance resources. Therefore, ProphetStor DR Prophet® provides intuitive wizards to schedule, keep or discard, and reclaim snapshot resource area volumes. The storage ‘reclamation’ process is a compute-intensive task. ProphetStor DR Prophet® allows for flexible scheduling of storage reclamation.

What is the maximum LUN size supported from Storage Hypervisor?

The FalconStor IPStor Storage Server supports 64TB LUNs. ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor supports 16TB LUNs.

What is the unique differentiator of the snapshot technology in ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor?

ProphetStor Storage Hypervisor implements a “Re-direct-on-Write” snapshot technology. This technology enhances the efficiency of write performance during data protection process.

How can we purchase ProphetStor DR Prophet®

ProphetStor DR Prophet® is available through system integrators and value added resellers (VARs) in Taiwan, China, South Asia, and North America. ProphetStor DR Prophet® can be purchased as software, storage hypervisor appliances, and storage capacity expansion units for scalability. For more information, email info@prophetstor.com, contact your local ProphetStor’s reseller.