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The success of a well prepared organization depends on the efforts and solutions put in place for data protection and disaster recovery. Mission critical applications that serve and service critical business functions have to continue in order for the organization to function in the face of a disaster or unwanted incident.

In an often complex, a highly available IBM AIX environment would run PowerHA (formerly known as High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing or HACMP for shore). However, running mission critical applications on IBM AIX such as Oracle Enterprise database are challenging. These applications have to rely on the underlying storage infrastructure platform and architecture that are often archaic and unique to each storage vendor. Each storage vendor employs different methods in employing both local and remote data protection solutions. In addition, the methods labelled by these vendors as disaster recovery solutions are often tedious and quite technical. These data protection and disaster recovery solutions do their job well, but presents a discerning gap between the technicalities of implementation and what the business policies of the organization want.

DR Prophet® from ProphetStor addresses this gap by presenting a software-defined solution to the mission critical applications in the IBM AIX High Availability environments. DR Prophet® pieces and links together key data storage components in the IBM AIX environments and bridges the gap between the business policies’ expectations and objectives to the underlying technical complexities of IT data protection and disaster recovery solutions of data storage vendors. Furthermore, the DR Prophet® implementation virtualizes the underlying storage FC-SAN (Fibre Channel storage area network) architecture and the IBM AIX administration experiences no change in the way it interfaces with the data storage. IP-SAN network via the iSCSI protocol was recently added to the DR Prophet® supported configuration.

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Document: White Paper: DR Prophet® Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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