Intelligent Data Services

From e-mails to CRM to apps, virtually all businesses today rely on digital services to power their operations and generate revenues. As this reliance grows, businesses must reconsider how its digital services are protected and recovered against massive data loss and lengthy recovery times.

DR Prophet® is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution built for the age of digital services. Offering granularity of over 1000 different points in time, it empowers businesses to recover failed digital services under 10 minutes through a simple 5 step process.

Supporting an enterprise class feature set while providing consumer level simplicity, DR Prophet® allows businesses to meet the most granular Recovery Point Objectives and under the most demanding Recovery Time Objectives.

Key Features

Automatic Protection

Eliminates errors by automatically protecting virtual and physical Windows and AIX systems.

5 Click Recovery

Recovers failed digital services through an intuitive interface with a guided 5 click process

VMware Integration

Connects directly to vSphere to orchestrate snapshots across virtual infrastructure

Client Agents

Splits write operations to create secondary mirror copies to protect against failures

Application Integrity

Application aware snapshots ensures data consistency and integrity, speeding recovery

Centralized Management

Simplifies management of protection and recovery policies in environments large and small

Protection Insight

Reporting of statuses and events provides understanding of current state and risks