Case Study

Revenue Service Office, Local City Municipal


The Revenue Service Office, Local City Government relies on very few IT staff to keep its major application systems (Land Value, Land Value Increment, House,Deed, Vehicle License, Stamps, Amusement, and Agriculture Land) up and running for 24×7 network operations. With Microsoft Windows as a key platform and about 50 servers operating in a mixed physical and virtual environment, ensuring continuous operations on these systems is vital to the success of the Revenue Bureau. The amount of time the systems are down equates to an equal amount of revenue not collected.

The IT Department has only one major IT administrator supporting all the physical and virtual servers and data applications across its major districts throughout local city. The Revenue Service Office had previously relied on a costly BCDR platform to manage the full backup and restore of data. The Revenue Bureau needed an easy-to-use BCDR solution to do all the heavy lifting.


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Document: Case Study: Revenue Service Office, Local City Government

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