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Support Escalation Guidelines

Severity 1

Severe Problem – customer or workgroup cannot perform normal job functions. For e.g. System Down, Data Unavailable, Data Lost, Workaround Unavailable, Critical resource unavailable, and needing immediate assistance, Hot Account: Very sensitive customer needing special attention

Severity 2

Major Functionality Impact – Degraded level of service, immediate workaround required. For e.g. Major system function is unavailable or degraded; Repeated failures; Problem will create intolerable delays if not addressed

Severity 3

Issue has affected or will affect customer productivity – workaround exists, but problem must be fixed. System can go live, but with some level of degradation that is acceptable to customer only in the short term. For e.g. Installation Problems; Failure in software component that is non-critical; Failure of redundant component

Severity 4

No Customer business impact. For e.g. “How To” questions Documentation Issues Enhancement Requests


Severity 1Severity 2Severity 3
The end user or partner calls the Regional Support Office, and the first level support engineer will opens a support ticket in the support data base, resolve known problems, collect relevant technical problem determination information for escalation to second level support, provide regular problem resolution status reports to the end user.
30 minutes2 HoursNext Business Day

The second level support engineer will reviews the case. Managing configuration problems by troubleshooting; resolution of most ProphetStor problems; determination of ProphetStor specification defects; should End User problem require simulation steps for resolution, doing initial problem isolation and root cause analysis on a best efforts basis to determine if the issue resides with the ProphetStor software; definition of an action plan for troubleshooting/resolution; provision of advanced support on all ProphetStor products and features; having the ability to analyze traces, diagnose problems remotely to the extent possible using available tools; provide ProphetStor with “known” customer environment variables for assistance in parallel reproduction of a problem, work with ProphetStor Level 3 Support to resolve all escalated Level 2 issues.

The Sales Rep is notified.

2 Hours 4 Hours3 Business Days

The Level 3 support engineer collaborates with the Level 2 Support on problem recreation and root cause analysis of an escalated End-User issue; resolving problems associated with an identified bug that is not yet published on the ProphetStor documentations or a bug is identified and fix does not resolve; fixing and generating clear and concise documented customer performable workarounds and steps for ProphetStor bugs and troubleshooting bugs that were not diagnosed or resolved during Second Level Support; validating that all proposed fixes are tested prior to release to the Level 2 organization and subsequently to the end-user, providing access to case information for tracking problem description, bug fixes, case status, and case root cause analysis.

The District Sales Manager notified.

4 Hours8 Hours4 Business Days

The On-duty Escalation director is notified and would join the call with L3 and customer/partner.

The Regional Head of Technical Support would join the call upon requests.

The Regional Head of Professional Service would join the call upon requests.

6 Hours12 Hours5 Business Days

The Regional Sale VP is notified.

The ProphetStor Product owner (VP of Engineering) is notified.

The ProphetStor CTO is notified.

The ProphetStor CEO is notified.

12 Hours16 Hours
Support Update Guidelines

Severity 1

Hourly, until resolved or work around/action plan has been provided to the customer

Severity 2

Each Business Day per action plan

Severity 3

Every 3 Business Days Maximum or per action plan

Severity 4

As work is performed and closed per customer