Federator Software-Defined Storage
Define Storage the Way You Want It
ProphetStor Federator Software-Defined Storage provides the core functions of storage discovery, abstraction, pooling, classification, and provisioning.

Federator storage federation technology enables multiple pools of physical storage (block, file, object) abstracted as virtual storage pools, to work together in a coordinated manner, for data storage, access, migration, and management. Federator recognizes the built-in functionalities of individual storage resources, and uses them to define storage on-demand matching the requirements of storage requests.

One Simple Solution
Federator provisions storage across disparate vendor storage systems as well as standardized commodity storage hardware managed centrally. Legacy storage systems that have outlived their use may be repurposed, and redeployed easily with Federator.

Automatic discovery of supported storage systems along with their storage characteristics, eases the deployment process, allowing racks of storage to be deployed rapidly, and scale without limits. Abstraction of physical resources into virtual pools that can be classified by their capabilities, and performance provides differentiated data services in a single federated storage platform.

SLA’s can be easily created with storage service offerings; offerings are presented in a service catalog through customized user portals for user self-provisioning; freeing administrators to focus on optimization and handling other more important tasks.

User self-provisioned storage is delivered auto-matically, and instantly through an intelligent resource scheduler that dynamically selects the storage pool that meets the capabilities and performance requirements.

IOPS Provisioning (input/output operations per second) through service offerings provides stor-age QoS (quality of service) for applications by reserving IOPS on for applications.

Separation of control and data planes allows continuous operations, and minimizes service disruptions during planned control plane events or failures.

When Swift object storage is deployed in the infrastructure, Federator intelligently orchestrates data movement between primary block and file storage, and object storage, reducing network traffic and freeing up resources in application servers.

Federator provides an open Federator Storage Adapter that enables advance storage functionalities on standardized commodity hardware.

Storage systems connect to Federator via industry standard SMI-S, and CDMI protocols; storage vendors can also leverage the open Federator Storage Adapter design that includes a HTTP REST API, to maximize functionalities from their storage arrays. In addition, ProphetStor also develops customized storage connectors for proprietary storage protocols on request.

Federator supports block storage with iSCSI and fibre channel protocols, and file storage with NFS and CIFS protocols. Object storage is delivered through OpenStack Swift, with Swift API and AWS S3 API.

Built for OpenStack, Federator provides a standards-based storage federation platform for storage systems to plug into OpenStack easily.