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White Paper

ProphetStor StellarFlash® Powered by Micron Enterprise SSDs


Multiple data sources such as private clouds, big data, and rigorous archival requirements are generating data at a massive scale. Virtualized environments, cloud-based infrastructures, and a more distributed workforce need immediate continuous access.

ProphetStor is ready to bring to market a pre-engineered, next-generation solution to better manage growing storage demands – a highly scalable, ultra-performance, all-flash Ceph infrastructure running on standard platforms powered by class-leading Micron enterprise SSDs and running ProphetStor StellarFlash® to better serve the different demands of critical applications on the fly.

Using Micron’s memory technology, ProphetStor offers a powerful storage array with enterprise class data services and reliability without the cost. Micron’s SSDs use sophisticated techniques to manage their media wear and track and report their remaining lifespan. This enables planned replacement with scheduled downtime.

The combined StellarFlash® Storage Solution offers performance density, easy management and low cost, making it ideal for massive-scale active archives, content repositories, OpenStack cloud storage and content distribution. Every StellarFlash® array ships with ProphetStor’s patented Smart Cache technology, which analyzes workloads, predicts traffic models, and then elastically provisions necessary flash resources to meet the demands of various applications. Databases and virtual machines can be allocated more SSD at the peak times they are driving intensive reads and writes on storage.

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Document: White Paper: ProphetStor StellarFlash® Powered by Micron Enterprise SSDs