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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

    With the adoption of cloud computing and virtualization, the technological requirements of businesses are becoming more and more complex. Businesses are embracing Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to reduce this complexity and ensure their businesses are protected while they focus on building innovative applications. While the market for DRaaS solutions is not new, not all are created equal. Many are just as complex as the applications they are trying to protect. Many require additional expenditure for additional hardware and link speed. Almost all focus purely on storing a copy of data remotely. Almost none focus on recovery.

  • DR-as-a-Service Powered by ProphetStor

    ProphetStor’s DRaaS is powered by ProphetStor’s DR Prophet, an award winning disaster recovery technology through disk mirroring and snapshots and resides on a highly available infrastructure. With ProphetStor’s DRaaS, businesses small and large now have a disaster recovery that is assured, simple. Most importantly, ProphetStor’s DRaaS focuses on the entire DR lifecycle from protection to recovery.



Recover not just protect

Today, there are many DRaaS offerings from different vendors. While all these offerings provide businesses with the capabilities of storing data remotely, only ProphetStor’s DRaaS allows businesses to remotely recover services. Quickly recover protected business services in the Cloud with PropherStor’s DRaaS.

Simpler rehearsals

Business services protected by ProphetStor’s DRaaS are packaged into simple recovery plans. This automates the process and order of recovery. This ensures the consistency of the recovery process and functionality of protected business services.

Safeguard business without the cost

DR is an essential part of business but can be costly. Redundant software and hardware such as servers and storage are acquired but will only ever be used in the event of a disaster. ProphetStor’s DRaaS offering provides all these for a minimal monthly cost, saving businesses money which can be used to improve and innovate.

Elastic payment model

ProphetStor’s DRaaS benefits businesses by only charging for what you use. This means that as businesses are only charged as they scale up and requires additional protection. Conversely, as businesses retire unused business services, this elastic model reduces the cost on protection on ProphetStor’s DRaaS.

Key Features

Easy to deploy and configure

DR Prophet® can intelligently perform complicated configuration processes to protect the data on AIX, Windows, and VMware vSphere application servers with minimal human intervention. The protections are set up based on pre-defined policies and system performance requirements. It prevents human errors and guarantees that the important data is properly protected.

Instant local data recovery

As a first-line defense against system failures, DR Prophet® preserves the protected data on a local backup storage server. All data protection related disk operations are performed against the mirrored disks on the storage server without incurring any workload on the production system.

Application Protection with guaranteed data integrity

To guarantee data integrity and snapshot consistency, DR Prophet® runs a lightweight agent on the application server to collect system status and application states. It keeps track of any system configuration changes and communicates with active applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Messaging Server, or Microsoft Exchange Server to ensure transactional data integrity, even across multiple storage volumes.

Rapid remote data recovery

In addition to local mirror backups, remote replications can be scheduled to transmit local data to a remote DR site. The WAN-optimized thin replication sends only changed data to save time and bandwidth consumption. In additional, replication compression and encryption are also fully supported.

Centerlize management console

DR Prophet® web console is a user-friendly graphical user interface provided by the management server to manage multiple application servers and storage servers. Through this management “dashboard”, system administrators can get a clear view of the protection relationship and gain vital system information such as performance statistics, replication status, backup scheduling, and system events. Also, detailed reports can be generated for system analysis, troubleshooting, performance tuning, filing, or maintenance.

Non-disruptive DR rehearsal

DR rehearsal can be conducted any time on the mirror LUN at the storage server without introducing additional IO activity to the production server. The system can be recovered from any known-good snapshot by an automated validation and mounting process.


ProphetStor’s DRaaS is a simple service that will require a Customer Premise Unit (CPU) will be installed at the selected business location. Protection agents will be installed on virtual and physical servers to be protected. The agents will synchronize its data on the CPU and take periodic snapshots. Data on the CPU will in turn synchronize this data into the ProphetStor Cloud.

The process of synchronization is optimized. Once completed, recovery plans will be configured to determine the order of recovery. Finally, in the event of a disaster to the site or for rehearsals, businesses will then trigger the recovery plans to recover failed services in the ProphetStor Cloud.

DRaaS offerings protection of any Windows servers with minimum Windows 2008 and above.

Package A

Total of 5 TB production data for a maximum of 5 protected servers

Package B

Total of 10 TB production data for maximum of 10 protected servers


Yearly 1 – 2 times DR rehearsal


Local Fast Recovery Service

Protects entire servers, from the operating system to the data, by creating a mirror of each disk. In the event of a disaster, a virtualized copy of the server to be brought back online rapidly using the mirrors to allow business services to resume quickly.

A CPE (Customer-premises equipment) unit will be deployed at customer site. Agents will be installed on the servers. The mirror image of the production disk will be catured via the client agents. The agent will pull the data to the onsite CPE unit. Periodic snapshots will be taken on the application servers. During the snapshot process, applications are put into quiescent mode (hot backup mode) using the native Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) to ensure integrity of the data is intact. All protected data will be replicated to DRaaS centre. The replication process is handled by the CPE unit and have no impact on the existing productions servers thus, freeing up important resources for actual production transactions.